This is an incredible resource. We’ve built our business so far on word of mouth. We’ve been fortunate that it has worked as well as it has. But now we have a brand new logo and a website that spreads the word about our service 24/7, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!  Highly recommend these people!

Vanessa Falcon

Business Development, Mexico Retirement Living

This is a welcome opportunity for me. There is an enormous amount of talent and creativity here … a lot of which I’ve seen in action over many years now.  If you find yourself at a crossroads, if you find yourself challenged in investing the additional time required to further grow your business … please contact Aho Marketing. You won’t be disappointed!

Barbara Neutzmann

Owner, Barbara Nuetzmann Photography & Design

Jim is extremely easy to work with. That is not to say that he doesn’t go very, very deep into your business. As a matter of fact, until he feels that he completely understands it, where you are with it and where you want to go with it … he just won’t make any blanket, generic recommendations. Once he does, however, what emerges is a path that is one that has captured the spirit of your business, and that will take it forward in complete harmony with what you’ve already accomplished through your unique vision. Highly Recommend!

Kim Carnevale

The Champion Builder

As one of several unique business units within a large company, we needed our own unique identity … one that established that we were different from the rest. Jim re-invented our corporate “tag line”, and re-worked the marketing copy completely. When the dust settled, we had something of which we were all very proud. Great work!

Keven Ellison

former VP Marketing, PartnerWeekly

Kudos to Jim and Aho Marketing for a great job in designing our new logo, and in putting together our new website … I get compliments all the time about how well it reflects the nature of my business, and me!  Thanks, and can’t recommend enough!

Constance McClain

Founder, Mindful Paths

Lifeworks is a company that specializes in capturing loved ones’ memories at end of life. Their website, designed by Aho Marketing, caught my eye at a time when I wanted to capture my father’s life in some way. Thanks Lifeworks and Aho Marketing!

Steven Matson

Customer, Lifeworks

Jim developed the vision that we needed to re-purpose our Epiphone brand segment at a time when it was very much needed. It meant listening to our customers, not to ourselves. What we ended up with was a new line that sparked a lot of consumer interest, and one that made us all very proud. Great work.

Bruce Bolen

former VP, Research & Development, Gibson

Jim is an extremely talented, creative individual with an outstanding business sense. His technical skills are second to none. His ability to capitalize on these skills is what sets him apart.

John Keiser

CEO, OneCoast

I often need press releases. When I do, I need them quickly. Jim is great at that. He asks the right questions, and delivers on-target messaging. A great resource, and highly sensitive to our needs!

Judd Lofchie

Owner, Lofchie & Associates

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